Cà Maiol dedicates a limited edition to the figure of the contemporary woman

Highlighting the figure of the contemporary woman, celebrating her personal successes, and encouraging a strong sense of community and identification: these are the values promoted by Cà Maiol with its new limited editions: a series of three special packs, each of which is representative of a well-defined female world.

Embellishing the recycled tin packaging and the labels of the bottles are illustrations by the young artist from Lake Garda, Marianna Tomaselli. The storytelling with a feminine flair shows the images of three attractive modern women who reflect in all their nuances, features and traits of character the different personalities of the iconic wines under the Cà Maiol label: the “Prestige” woman is sociable, determined and always in step with the times and with fashion; the “Molin” woman is feminine, reserved, believes in family values and pays attention to how she can contribute to society; the “Roseri” woman, on the other hand, is a nature lover, straightforward, creative, delicate, free-thinking but reflective.

The limited edition “Roseri” will be launched in the market on 25th June, on the occasion of International Rosé Day, the special pack devoted to the “Prestige” woman will be released through the same channels on 9th July, while for the “Molin” version we will have to wait until 23rd July.

Wine lovers and the simply curious will be able to follow the launch of the limited editions and purchase them directly using this link: https://limitededition.camaiol.it/en