"Off the Skins", an exhibition and a Capsule Collection in honor of the sixtieth anniversary of Santa Margherita’s Pinot Grigio offer a celebration of design, making their debut in Milan at the 2021 "Supersalone"

After being on show in Venice, in the delightful setting of the Cloisters of San Francesco della Vigna, "Off the Skins" - the exhibition celebrating 60 years of Pinot Grigio Santa Margherita - was presented in Milan at Palazzo Durini, Santa Margherita’s headquarters in the city, on 9th September. This was an exclusive event during the "Supersalone" - the special 2021 edition of the Furniture Fair - and was combined with the unveiling of a brand-new Capsule Collection for Santa Margherita’s Pinot Grigio Impronta del Fondatore, designed to celebrate this important milestone.

"Off the Skins", created in cooperation with the students of the European Institute of Design (IED) in Venice and organized by Current, is a representation in images of this wine, a global icon of Italian excellence. The name of the exhibition derives from the original and innovative "in bianco" vinification technique that allowed Count Gaetano Marzotto and his team of enologists to transform - at the beginning of the 1960s - a grape variety with copper-colored skins into a brilliant, elegant and intense white wine which was unique of its kind, thus leading to a real revolution in vinous taste and pleasure.

In the picturesque setting of the internal courtyard of Palazzo Durini, the six decades of history of Santa Margherita’s celebrated Pinot Grigio are shown in an exhibition that reveals the wine’s innovation and poetic quality, evoking memories of this achievement together with an eye towards the future: a display of 6 series of images, devised by the students of the European Institute of Design in Venice, inspired by the first sixty years of successes of this wine, a worldwide flagship for Italian winemaking excellence. Each series explores in an iconographic and expressive manner - from the fresh, new point of view of young designers - the facts and events, the styles and fashions that have made history from the Sixties to the present day, and which have accompanied the fascinating story of our Pinot Grigio.

Mounted on rolls of fabric, like papyruses, which evoke memories of the past and the contact between the land (the terroir) and the world of ideas (the vision of our founder, Count Gaetano Marzotto), the labels are accompanied by a series of texts that describe the main stages in the extraordinary evolution of Santa Margherita’s Pinot Grigio, together with the progression of history between the end of the last century and the beginning of the present one.

The selection of works - from among no less than 14 original projects - highlights their links with the values of  Santa Margherita, the incredible story of its iconic wine, and also its graphic representation. This in turn has given rise to the Capsule Collection celebrating this important anniversary: six large-sized bottles of Pinot Grigio Impronta del Fondatore Alto Adige DOC, adorned with a similar number of newly designed labels, each of which represents a decade between the wine’s launch and today.

To find out more about the history of our Pinot Grigio and the brand-new Capsule Collection: https://pinotgrigio.santamargherita.com/