Cà Maiol. A wine, a region, a taste of excellence.

A sustainable company whose wines embody the excellence of this wine-growing area, founder of the Lugana DOC appellation in 1967 and an integral part of the history of this wonderful part of Italy: Lake Garda.

A place of innovation and experimentation.

The history of Cà Maiol has been linked to that of Lugana since 1967, when it was founded on the southern shores of Lake Garda, it is here that Turbiana vines have always thrived.

The desire to preserve local winegrowing and winmaking traditions, to be an innovator in production methods and to celebrate the important relation between grape variety and terroir have, since its inception, always been the aims of Cà Maiol. These continue to be guiding principles in the estate’s 110 hectares, in its highly technological production processes and in its wines which have a distinctive local character but are also capable of winning over international palates.

Safeguarding both the grapevines and local nature is a keystone of the Cà Maiol ethos: green land management practices are used in the vineyards to ensure sustainability and respect for the environment, such as conservative pruning and no chemical fertilizers. In the winery, the use of gravity during the wine-making process is further testimony to sustainability and enhances the quality of wines from Cà Maiol.


The winery is powered by renewable energy with a system of solar panels mounted on the roof of the winery.

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Cà Maiol: numbers from the winery.


the year Cà Maiol was founded.


Cà Maiol and a group of local winegrowers establish the Lugana DOC Consortium.


or MDCCX, the year the winery’s main building was constructed.


Cà Maiol joined the Group.

Our hospitatility in the land of Lugana.

Our large showroom, designed to be perfectly in-keeping with the local landscape, hosts wine tastings, personalized visitor experiences and a wine shop. Our qualified staff are passionate about wine and are the perfect guides to accompany wine enthusiasts around the winery to discover the secrets of winemaking. Come and experience the Lugana area and all of the different wines which are made around Lake Garda, experiencing first hand this beautiful area and the wines from Cà Maiol.

Cà Maiol in pictures.