Lands of wine and taste.

From Veneto to Sardinia: ten different estates in some of the most beautiful Italian regions, an extraordinary mosaic of wines from north to south of the Italian peninsula.

Our roots are in Italy.

From Eastern Veneto to the Adige Valley, from the hills of Valdobbiadene and Refrontolo to Franciacorta, from Alto Adige to Lugana, from Chianti Classico to Maremma, from Sicily to Sardinia: the mosaic extends over 720 hectares.


Innovation, corporate sustainability and best practices both in the vineyard and the winery are a fundamental part of day-to-day operation, above all else, a gesture of love for our terroirs.

Veneto, our origins.

Eastern Veneto is a rich and fertile land, blessed with a moderate climate. It is perfect for growing grapes, which gain strength from the richness of the soils and the plentiful water supply.
Glera is an ancient grape variety, grown in the beautiful hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. This grape is harvested for Prosecco, a wine at its best in this region, sculpted by ancient glaciers and blessed with a wide temperature range. Fragrance and freshness are the inevitable result.



Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy’s northernmost wine region.

In the imposing Dolomite Mountains, UNESCO World Heritage site, the friendly, unhurried pace of life of the Mediterranean meets the tenacity typical of mountain communities. This, the most northern wine-producing region in Italy, is mainly agricultural but with a decidedly Mitteleuropean feel. Nature is an ever-present companion to daily life here and is infinitely varied and multi-faceted. It is a place where age-old artisan knowledge meets the avant-garde in architecture, business and culture.
The Adige Valley starts off steep and narrow, before becoming wider with gentler slopes as it approaches the plains. Its vastness stretches from the limestone soils north of Bolzano to the gravelly soils rich in minerals in Trentino, reaching down to the south’s aromatic mountainside vineyards, producing powerful, fruity grapes grown in the warm embrace of a sun-kissed land.

alto adige

Lombardy: an ecosystem within the ecosystem.

The Lugana area stretches between the southern shore of Lake Garda and the spectacular Morainic Hills. The rare rainfall and the limestone soil with its stratifications of clay that define the wine’s characteristics make this the ideal zone for producing Lugana, which from its terroir of origin derives not only its name but also the scents of the surrounding countryside, the mildness of the climate, the gentleness of the lake and the strength of the hills that frame the landscape.
The Valtènesi is a large area lying between Desenzano del Garda and Salò, in fact covering almost the entire western side of Lake Garda. With its unique microclimate, the Valtènesi benefits from all the characteristics of a lakeside zone: the winters are never too rigid and the summers are pleasantly hot; rainfall is not too abundant and the breezes are always light and delicate. Here, in addition to the vines – especially of the indigenous Groppello variety - there are lots of olive groves and citrus trees.



Tuscany, a microcosm of terroirs.

Chianti Classico is one of the most famous places in Italy for great wines and is still one of the oldest, most enchanting and unspoilt winegrowing regions in the world: it stands like a rocky island in the “sea” of clay soils which predominate in central Tuscany. Lamole stands on a natural terrace in the heart of Chianti Classico. The vines climb up narrow valleys and steep hillsides. An ideal altitude and southwest orientation together create the perfect environment for extremely refined, persistent wines.

The Chianti region has been revered as a land of wine-growing and wine-making ever since Etruscan times: its rich, fertile soils, altitude and long hours of sunlight have allowed the evolution of high-quality winegrowing over the centuries.

The Maremma is a region replete with aromas and colours, dotted with hills covered in meadows and woods that slope gently down to the sea. The vitality and characteristics of the great wines from this region are the result of this beautiful scenery.


Siciliy, land of myths and legends.

Against a landscape created by thousands of years of history, Sicily’s sun produces grapes with extraordinary characteristics. The sun beats down on this landscape shaped over thousands of years of history, and its power is distilled into the grapes which grow here imbuing them with extraordinary personality. Every grape grown in these calcareous and clay soils is a child of the sun and is transformed into a masterpiece. 


The Sardinia of Sulcis Iglesiente.

Mesa is situated in the area of Sant’Anna Arresi, on the slopes of a hill outlined by winds and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The presence of the sea tempers the hot summer sun and its briny winds bring a freshness and vivid flavour to its wines. Each grape breathes in an atmosphere of sunny, balmy peace.

From vineyards to wineries, exploring the lands which make up our mosaic of wines.

Guided tours, wine tastings, experiences, and events:  we provide visitors and wine enthusiasts with a whole range of hospitality services. Why not take the opportunity to discover first hand the secrets of making exceptional wines and wine tasting while exploring some of the most beautiful parts of northern and southern Italy?