Lamole di Lamole Uniqueness in Chianti Classico

There are very few places as inviting and welcoming as Lamole. The organically managed vineyards produce wines which are as unparalleled, unique, sophisticated and rich in character as the land from which they originate: the heart of Chianti Classico.

The timelessness of an inimitable Tuscan estate.

Located in the heart of Chianti Classico, nestled in a unique landscape, Lamole di Lamole overlooks the panoramic views of a natural terrace. Its name derives from the Italian word “lame” (literally blades), which refer to the many gullies and ravines which have been formed over millenia by weather and erosion here. 

Lamole’s vineyards are completely organic and are situated in one of the highest points of the appellation. The temperature variations, hours of sunlight and winds mean that grapes reach optimal ripening which in turn results in elegance, richness and long-lasting aroma and flavour profiles for Lamole di Lamole wines.  

Landscape preservation, respect for tradition and organic vineyard management are the cornerstones of the Lamole di Lamole philosophy. 


The estate produces sustainable wine: prunings from the vineyards and stalks from the harvest generate organic compost that is used as a natural soil conditioner.

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Lamole di Lamole: numbers from the estate.


the year Lamole di Lamole’s historic wine cellar was built.


the Lamole estate’s total land area, of which 40 hectares are planted with vine.


the highest altitude where its vines grow.


the year Lamole di Lamole joined the Group.

Our hospitality in the heart of Chianti.

Six different itineraries to discover more about wines and the local area, introducing visitors to the beauty of the Tuscan landscape which surrounds the estate. Guests can enjoy guided tastings of the great classic wines from Lamole di Lamole, tours of the vineyards, from the historic - created in 1945- to the experimental, as well as gourmet experiences, such as picnics in the vineyards, or enjoy the adventure of tours on board a 4x4 Jeep.