Kettmeir. Progressio in traditione.

A historic winery nestled among the vineyards of Alto Adige, a testimony to and promoter of age-old knowledge and wisdom. Firm believers that tradition is a legacy to be passed down through generations and that progress be an unwavering inspiration.

Leaders in the world of wines from Alto Adige.

Nestled in the vineyards around Caldaro, Kettmeir is a historic winery in Alto Adige and has recently celebrated its centenary. It has always striven to be an emblem of Alto Adige’s long history and culture of wine growing and making, and exploit the uniquely favourable climatic conditions found in this part of Italy. Kettmeir is a forward-thinking, environmentally sustainable winery which is perfectly placed to make the very most of local grape varieties grown in valleys and at high altitude, creating fragrant, elegant wines full of local character.

In 1964 Kettmeir began producing sparkling wines using the Charmat Method, and in 1992 they created their spumante Metodo Classico, which resulted in more complex, distinctive wines.

Kettmeir has recently refurbished and modernized its Visitors Centre, ready to welcome the ever-increasing numbers of winelovers who come to explore this wine growing region, as well as increasing the efficiency of its production areas, with great care taken to ensure sustainability.


Energy efficiency from renewable resources: in the winery, the processing and ageing area for our Metodo Classico wines has been fully insulated and is powered using geothermal energy.

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loyal growers who have worked with Kettmeir for over a century.


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Our hospitality.

Experiences, wine tastings and tours. At Kettmeir we enjoy nothing more than welcoming wine enthusiasts and showing them around our local area and vineyards and introducing them to our wines: from our great Alto Adige Classici, to our premium Grandi Selezioni and finally our Spumante Metodo Classico, Kettmeir’s most complex, elegant and distinctive wine.