Torresella. The wine from Venice.

Close to the Venice lagoon, sits Torresella. The wines grown here are the authentic heirs of a terroir like no other in Italy, a precious natural heritage site.

The authentic soul of Venice.

The Torresella vineyards stretch from Villanova di Fossalta di Portogruaro down towards the sea and the Venice lagoon: it is a land bordered on each side by two wide rivers, the Livenza and the Tagliamento; the vineyards lie just a few metres above sea level and its soils are rich in minerals and clay. Summers are hot here with little difference between night-time and daytime temperatures but are always tempered by the ever-present breezes which fill the air with the scent of salty sea.

This is a land with a history stretching back thousands of years, where ancient Romans and the Venetian Empire left their mark. Roman Emperors and the Venetian Doges chose this corner of the Veneto region to be their wheat fields and their vineyards.

Preservation of the landscape, biodiversity and the flora and fauna of the vineyards are an essential part of Torresella. The estate’s genuine commitment to sustainability is clear in the day-to -day running of the vineyards and winery: including water savings through the use of underground drip irrigation in the vineyards, energy self-sufficiency using renewable resources, and the reduction in transport emissions, with bottles now produced in a glass-manufacturing plant just a stone’s throw from the winery.


Underground drip irrigation systems, part of our commitment to innovation and sustainability, mean greater efficiency and water savings.

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wine appellations of Torresella: Prosecco DOC, Venezia DOC, Veneto IGT.


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