Ca' del Bosco. A work of art called wine.

Always striving for excellence both in the vineyard and in the winery. That is how Ca’ del Bosco has become an icon of Franciacorta.

When wine is a work of art.

Ca’ del Bosco has been a gem in the Santa Margherita Wine Group ecosystem since 1994 and is an icon of Franciacorta wines.

The winery is located in the Italian province of Brescia, where it was founded in 1968 following the intuition of Maurizio Zanella, the current President of the company. It immediately proved itself to be a leading light in cutting-edge winemaking.

The pursuit of excellence is the guiding principle behind all of Ca’ del Bosco’s aims and objectives, from the design of its vineyards, to the selection of grape varieties and the various systems used by the winery. Its wines are elegant, wholesome, natural with long ageing potential, created by winemakers who are passionate about what they do, as is reflected in processes such as the washing of the grapes, long periods resting on the lees, and bottling and dégorgement systems specifically designed to prevent oxidative spoilage.

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Ca’ del Bosco: numbers from the estate.


vinestocks planted per hectare since 1979: one of the largest in Franciacorta.


current total vineyards.


the average age of Ca’ del Bosco vines.

Our hospitality.

Ca’ del Bosco is a meeting point of art, tradition and modernity. Each of our rooms open to the public has been carefully and stylishly designed to host events in a prestigious and exclusive setting. Wine enthusiasts can visit our cellars and vineyards to experience first hand the world of Franciacorta.