Terrelíade. A dream drenched in sunlight.

In the heart of the Mediterranean, in a region which is perfectly suited to winegrowing, and surrounded by culture and history lies Terrelíade: it appears as a mirage but is real.

Sicily in a wine glass.

On the island of Sicily, in the province of Agrigento, on the shores of Lake Arancio, in an area designated as a heritage site for nature, lies Terrelíade. The harsh yet captivating climate and landscape here in a land of sun and sea, fertility and vitality create precious and opulent wines. Terrelíade embodies the desire to make the most of everything which Sicily has to offer: its magical landscapes, its millennia of history, and the different civilizations which have shaped it, all come together to create surprising wines.

In the estate’s vineyards, growing techniques such as cordon training, micro drip irrigation, hand pruning and thinning, allow each bunch of grapes to reach their full potential and become a work of art. The Sicilian wines created here are truly exceptional with their delicious, modern flavour, rich and sophisticated personalities where the complexity and freshness of the terroir remains intact.