Vistarenni. The roots of Chianti.

Once upon a time in the heart of Tuscany, there was a place rich in history where exquisite Chianti was made. Today, the same Chianti continues to be made here, and it is as unmistakeable and captivating as the local Tuscan landscape.

Roots in Chianti, heart in tradition.

Between Radda and Gaiole in Chianti lies the large Vistarenni estate, with a landscape fit for an enchanting classical painting dominated by the exquisite 17th century Villa Vistarenni.

The Chianti produced in this area is a wine with ancient roots. The history of vine growing and wine making here on the estate goes back to Etruscan times, because its nutrient-rich soils, elevation and hours of sunlight allowed vines to flourish. The unique pedoclimate of this small geographic area produces exceptional Chianti.  

At Vistarenni the emphasis is on high-quality and sustainable wine-growing. The land is managed and tended with the respect and dedication of times past, and the grapes are carefully selected and harvested to make the most of the distinctive pedoclimatic characteristics of each of the various vineyards.